CBD-How Should I Take CBD For The Effect To Last Longer?

CBD-How Should I Take CBD For The Effect To Last Longer?

CBD Benefits List
CBD Benefits List

CBD has long been hailed as the herbal medication that hordes of people all over the world have been eagerly waiting for. Much into the 21st century, nations began legalizing CBD and the new in line was the United States of America, back in 2018 with its Farm Act.

CBD has undoubtedly come a long way from the good old days of heavy stigma and skepticism regarding the natural medication that had ties to the shunned cannabis family of plants. Public perception didn’t sway for many years following the inclusion of cannabis into the American society in the early 1930s. But we can now look back and say that CBD fought the good fight.

After the legalization of CBD in many places, there was an increase in its demand. But even in this age of information and reach, it seemed as though trustworthy information was still hard to find. Of the many questions that people ask, the one ‘how long do CBD effects last?’ was one among the topmost.

We will be digging deep and exploring which way you can take CBD, to ensure that the effects last the longest. Read on.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

The sheer demand for CBD seems almost near frightening at times. CBD is the therapeutic compound found in cannabis sativa (Hemp) and cannabis. There are trickle amounts of CBD in others among the cannabis family, but it is largely shadowed by other cannabinoids. The vast CBD benefits list is what sets it apart from most other cannabinoids as well as painkillers and antihistamines in the market. CBD use can ensure pain relief and reduced swelling or reddening. The holistic properties help soothe panic attacks and help you get a grasp on anxiety. If you find yourself struggling to keep sane with all of the stress in life, you will be surprised by the effect CBD has in downsizing these stresses and worries. Not to mention the quality, deep sleep one can achieve with CBD use.

What Decides How Long The Effects Last?

The time for which CBD effects last depends largely on two main factors. These are:

  • Method of consumption
  • Your body’s chemical makeup

Our focus will solely be on the first of the two.

Method Of Consumption

CBD is versatile and can be infused in a wide range of organic products. These products could be anything and everything under the sun-coffee, vaporizer, bath bombs, oils, gummy bears, ointment, the list is literally endless. Think of it, and CBD can probably be put in it.

The various consumption methods can be grouped into a couple of them which are:

  • Inhalation
  • Oral application
  • Sublingual application
  • Topical application


This involves the use of vapes and oil rigs. CBD tinctures and e-liquids are often used in a vapes-a trendy, sleek metallic pen that you can carry in your pocket. The vape works by heating the CBD liquid in its chamber and creating fumes that you can inhale. Oil rigs are much like bongs and make use of dabs – a waxy, paste of CBD. It is lit and inhaled. Since both these methods involve the fumes absorbing into bloodstreams directly via capillaries in the lungs, it is extremely fast-acting. Within 2-4 minutes, you will feel the effects of CBD kicking in. At the same time, a downfall to inhalation is that its effects are not long lasting-quick to come, quick to go. Within the hour, most of the effects wear off.

Oral Application

This includes everything edible-be it pure hemp CBD oil and CBD coffee or CBD gummies. As you may have guessed, this takes longer to act and can take 2 or even 3 hours to show effects. The CBD edible goes all the way through the digestive tract until it is absorbed and undergoes metabolism (breakdown) to an extent that reduces its effectiveness slightly. But the plus point of such a method of consuming CBD is that the effects last a good couple of hours (5-6 hours).

Sublingual Application

The next best thing after vaping in terms of how quick you want the effects of CBD to show is the sublingual application. The process involves placing the CBD oil under the tongue and holding it there for a minute. The reason for this is because of the rich capillaries that are present under the tongue. The CBD content is directly absorbed into the bloodstream and acts fast. At around 1-2 hours, the effects last longer than vaping yet just as effective.

Topical Application

This includes application on the skin through the use of salve, creams, muscle relaxants, ointments, lotions, and so on. The CBD doesn’t reach your bloodstream in any shape or form; which is why the effects take longer to show. However, you can experience the CBD effects for a good few hours allowing for long-lasting relief.

You be the judge on what method works best for you. The question you must ask yourself is, do you want the effects quick or the effects to last longer?