How Long Will CBD Last

How Long Will CBD Last

CBD Shelf Life
CBD Shelf Life

As with any other product, cannabidiol remains useable only for a specific period of time. That CBD shelf life usually ranges from 12 to 24 months. Here, we will discuss what impacts the product’s shelf life, plus what can be done to keep it fresh.

Various Factors Determine The Precise Shelf Life

The useable length of cannabidiol oil depends on some factors, including the ingredients in the item, its quality, and the way of storing it. Understanding those factors can aid you in choosing longer-lasting CBD products. It is also likely to aid you in stretching the CBD oil shelf life, which can offer you more value for money.


Unsurprisingly, higher quality items often last longer. That boils down to the plant’s quality and growing conditions, plus any other component’s quality.


The components of cannabidiol oil matter since each of those has its own shelf life. That can impact the lasting capability of the hemp product on the whole. Because less is more in the case of cannabidiol oil’s shelf life, check the third-party laboratory certificate that comes with this product and its label.


The method of extracting cannabinoids with carbon dioxide solvent is regarded as the best in this business. It can make phytocannabinoids’ levels as great as possible, as well as keep these components stable.


Studies show that light and heat can speed up the CBD degradation process. That is among the reasons why it is a must to properly store the product. The right conditions for its storage can aid in keeping the item fresh and potent for a longer time.


Cannabidiol oil could last longer if it comes in an airtight and dark glass bottle. The appropriate form of packaging can help to keep the product safe from sunlight and air exposure.

Can Expired Cannabidiol Oil Make You Sick?

The expired product may not make you ill. It probably will not have any effect. Phytocannabinoids can start degrading and become less and less potent gradually during a long period. That means in the event of using expired cannabidiol oil, you would not have its entire therapeutic effects.

There are a few signs that the item has degraded, such as funky smell, murkiness, and rancid taste. So, be sure to keep the invoice so that you can return it just in case you chose the expired product.