Other Cannabinoids In CBD Products Besides THC And CBD

Other Cannabinoids In CBD Products Besides THC And CBD

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

The bottle of CBD oil that is resting on your countertop or the jar of CBD gummies over the fridge, have more than just CBD in it. It is a holistic product that is composed of many other minute ingredients in it. Especially if you have a broad or a full spectrum hemp extract, then the other ingredients or cannabinoids that you will find are plenty.

We will be having a look at the lesser known cannabinoids that help strengthen your immune system and make your life that much more better; giving them the recognition due. Read on…

Cannabinol (CBN)

This is a unique cannabinoid that is formed when the THC present in it is heated or exposed to the oxygen. But unlike the THC that binds to the Endocannabinoid system to cause its psychoactive effects, CBN does not bind; it is classified as a non-psychoactive substance. The percentage the CBN found in the hemp plant is also very low, about less than 1%.

  • The CBN helps in bone and tissue regrowth.
  • CBN is a strong anti-inflammatory and pain reliever that combines with other cannabinoids to provide an effective treatment for burns and cuts.
  • CBN is being studied to be a possible sleep aid, and an appetite stimulant. This makes it apt to be used by cancer patients who generally lose their sense of appetite. The CBN works symbiotically with THC and CBD.

Cannbidvarin (CBDV)

CBDV, similar to CBN is a non-psychoactive substance with a chemical makeup much like CBD. Marijuana and hemp plant strains that have more of CBD in them, have more of CBDV in them as well.

  • CBDV acts as a potent anti-convulsion medication and is as effective as medications like Capsaicin.
  • A 2013 study by the British Journal of Pharmacology showed the potential of CBD, THC and CBDV to be used as a medication that reduces nausea.

Cannabichromevarin (CBCV)

This is a cannabinoid that is a precursor to another called cannabichromene (CBC). It is generally noted that marijuana and hemp strains that have higher percentage of THC and CBD in them, have lower amounts of CBCV.

  • CBCV acts as an AEA or Anandamine reuptake inhibitor. The body naturally produces anandamine which is a cannabinoid. CBCV effectively blocks the absorption of it by the brain and allows it to persist longer in the system.
  • It acts as a very potent anti-fungal, antibiotic, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory compound.

These are some of the less recognised fighters that exist in full and broad spectrum hemp extract. So the next time you fill in a dropper with CBD oil, remember that there are many others in it!

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