Why Cannabidiol Is Perhaps Not Working For Me?

Why Cannabidiol Is Perhaps Not Working For Me?


CBD is derived from both marijuana and industrial hemp, but what people mostly use in the US is the derivative from the latter plant. Low THC CBD made from hemp, promises to be efficacious in treating an array of health conditions, which include mental depression, anxiety, and cancer. There is evidence from anecdotes and research that it is effective as a treatment for those and more health issues.

That said, whether or not CBD would work for you depends on many different factors. It is unfortunate that cannabidiol has not worked for some people most probably because they have not used it properly. So, naturally, they ask questions such as this: “Why is CBD not effective for me?” Here, we will look at the factors required to help explain the possible reason for this CBD FAQ.

Your Cannabidiol Product Is From An Inferior Source

The popularity of cannabidiol means that it is available virtually everywhere. CBD is available for sale in every kind of business establishment, from dispensaries to department stores to corner stores. However, not all of these establishments sell quality CBD goods to customers. There is a sarcastic saying, ‘You will get what you pay for’. The same applies to the case of cannabidiol items. The cheaper the product you buy is, the inferior it will possibly be in terms of quality.

No federal government agency properly regulates the hemp CBD market. Therefore, several CBD goods that hit the stores are fake. This is mainly because these either do not have the same amounts of cannabidiol as advertised and/or have contaminants. When it comes to CBD, some of the contaminants in it are heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The inclusion of these substances and non-CBD cannabinoids will reduce the quantity of cannabidiol in the hemp derivatives. This means you will possibly have to ingest more amount of the product to have the desired effects from it.

According to a study featured on ‘The Journal of the American Medical Association’, 31% of cannabidiol goods lack the quantity of the phytocannabinoid that is identical to the labeled amount. If this applies to the product that you use or used, be sure to act as per the following checklist.

  • Buy from a CBD manufacturer having a good reputation and registered web presence, which offers third-party laboratory test results along with their products. These brands offer CBD goods made with hemp parts that are sourced from pure sources. In other words, the herbs used for their goods will be cultivated in uncontaminated soils. Many CBD companies also have QC measures in place, to double-check the product quality and purity.
  • Ask for and look at a third-party laboratory test result or report when shopping for any hemp derivative. This way, you can rest assured that the product will not have any contaminants. It is important to look at the neutral lab’s report. For your information, some CBD brands also offer their own lab reports, which may not be trustworthy.

You May Be Using An Improper CBD Dose

Unless you are an expert in it, you are unlikely to find the right CBD dose for you from the first day of using the product. Dose recommendations usually do not accompany packaged CBD goods because government regulations keep manufacturers from making suggestions. So, you will have to discover how much CBD is appropriate for you perhaps through trial and error.

The effect of CBD in one individual may be different from another. Your body weight, gender, age, and many other factors contribute to regulating cannabidiol’s effects on the body. All of these and more things also have an effect on the dosage appropriate for you.

For instance, this dosage will depend on what you are planning to achieve with the product. In other words, the dosage will vary according to the purpose. When you have no clue about how much CBD is ideal for it, just start with a low dosage, such as 5 to 10 milligrams of it. Then, you may gradually increase the dosage when you start seeing positive changes to your condition or its symptoms.

You Require A Different Form Of CBD

CBD comes in all shapes and sizes, including tinctures, oils, gummies, creams, and vape oil. All of these may not be the right options for every health condition.

For instance, you may have a quicker relief from localized pain if you utilize a topical CBD product to treat it. This effect is likely as the topical-type product will bypass your digestive system to reach the flowing blood. This is not to say that all other forms of the product will not treat your issue. Instead, it only means that the product’s effects will kick in faster because it is the ideal CBD delivery method for it. When it comes to a gut health issue, however, you might be better off using an oral or ingestible form of cannabidiol. Learn more here about how you can improve your CBD experience.