What Is Prion Disease And Can CBD Stop It

What Is Prion Disease And Can CBD Stop It

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The name “Prion Disease” is not something that you may be familiar with. If you are a doctor, then you will hear. But for the common man, the disease is a rare one that results from a certain protein in the brain unfolding; what is alarming is how easily it can spread from person to person if a healthy host comes in contact with the infected tissue.

The effective treatments for this are far and few, but research has been able to shed a positive light on CBD being the drug that could possibly put a stop to this menace.

Prion Diseases: What Are They?

The most recognizable form of prion disease may be one you heard of called the mad cow disease. It started in the U.K and eventually found its way to the other side to Canada, France, and the United States of America. Although the mad cow disease originated in animals namely bovines or cows, the disease can basically jump species if it has had contact with the infected bovine in any shape or form. So quite evidently, those who enjoyed feasting on their Sunday Beef Steak were in for a shock of a lifetime.

The disease is neurodegenerative and the word Prion stands short for Proteinaceous Infectious Particle. This is linked to the common protein in the brain called Prion Protein (PrP). This protein plays an important role in promoting the growth of neurons and also protecting the contact points where the neuron signals are transmitted or synapses. What the disease does is, folds and destabilizes the PrP protein. The damage then spreads to the brain, leading to symptoms of Dementia, weakening hand-to-eye coordination, poor vision, and loss of speech among many others.

How CBD Can Help Guard The Brain’s Neural Network

New CBD news has reason to believe that CBD can lend a helping hand. The CBD does this by primarily interacting with the Endocannabinoid System or ECS. The ECS has its role in plenty of functions of the human body and houses receptors to interact with natural cannabinoids released by the brain.

CBD benefits occur when it activates these receptors on the ECS and promotes healthy brain function by improving the blood flow, strengthening neural connections, and protecting cells from oxidation.

The research on Prion disease and its working is still being done by researchers, but the positive effect that CBD has on other neurological degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia gives new hope to those fighting the effects of prion diseases like the mad cow disease.

Before the science catches up, all you can do now is take a leap of faith.