How Safe Is It To Take CBD While Driving?

How Safe Is It To Take CBD While Driving?

CBD While Driving
CBD While Driving

Questions about the safety of driving while on CBD are not something new as the compound is extracted from cannabis plants. CBD can be extracted from plants like marijuana and hemp, both being members of cannabis species. However, the compounds and their individual percentages in a cannabidiol product will vary according to the source plant. THC is an intoxicating therapeutic compound found in all cannabis plants but the percentage is quite high in marijuana; Hemp has very less amounts of THC.

The US Farm Bill 2018 that legalized CBD has mentioned that the THC percentages in CBD products should be less than 0.3%, which means the source has to be hemp.

Is It Safe To Take CBD While Driving?

CBD does not have intoxicating properties. The psychoactive effects of a cannabidiol product depend on its THC content. Legal CBD products have minimal THC content that is incapable of giving a high to the users. Hence you need not worry about impaired coordination on taking a cannabidiol product that has minimal THC content.

CBD has been known to improve mood, focus, and concentration. Although overdosing on CBD is not really possible, consuming high doses of CBD may lead to some side effects including lightheadedness and drowsiness. This factor sheds light on the importance of taking CBD in the right doses.

Take CBD before you start the drive and analyze the effects it has on your mind and body. We recommend you try the dosage that you are planning to take before the drive at home first, to ensure its safety.

A universal dosage does not exist for CBD because the dosage that works for a person depends on a myriad of factors including his/her body weight, metabolism, and tolerance level. Figure out the ideal dosage for you by starting with small doses and gradually increasing it until you reach the optimum dosage.

The safety of the right doses of CBD taken during driving is assured but the legal regulations are sometimes quite complicated. Even trace amounts of THC in many CBD products you take while driving may put you at the risk of being prosecuted.

If the police suspect you of impaired driving, you might have to undergo testing to detect THC in your body. To avoid the risk of being prosecuted, we recommend you take zero-THC CBD products while driving.

Reputed CBD manufacturers take adequate care in ensuring that none of their products contain THC in levels higher than that mentioned on the product labels.