Importance Of Third Party Lab Testing For CBD Products

Importance Of Third Party Lab Testing For CBD Products

CBD Products
CBD Products

Have you ever wondered about the quality of the cannabidiol (CBD) products you are using? There is a huge possibility for your product to be of low quality if they are coming from illegitimate sources. Using such low quality products will not give you the desired effects and so, it is important to make sure that the products are legit and have good quality. This can be a difficult task considering the lack of approval for these products from authorized agencies like the FDA.

However, now it will be possible for you to ensure the quality of these products using third party lab certification. A lot of reputed companies now show third party certifications of their products to provide surety for the users about the quality of the products they are using. This helps the users to ensure that the products indeed provide the results that the manufacturers claim.

Significance of third party testing

The main goal behind third party lab testing is to conduct a neutral and unbiased examination of a company’s products. This is very important as the lack of regulation by approved agencies on these products enabled the manufacturers to make false claims about their products. Therefore, such third party lab certifications are a great help for users to know the effect of the product they are using and also for making sure that it does not contain any harmful substances.

Are there any FDA regulations on CBD products?

Currently, there are no FDA regulations on CBD products. One of the important purposes of the FDA is to ensure that the public is not exposed to questionable or dangerous health products. This also includes natural medications such as cannabis and different compounds derived from it. It is actually illegal for cannabidiol to be called a health or dietary supplement. However, the FDA is on the process of developing guidelines and regulations for CBD and other cannabis products.

The FDA has approved the use of one CBD product known as Epidiolex which is used as a prescription medicine for treating some rare conditions associated with epilepsy.

Why third party testing is important for companies?

Even though a third party certification is not mandatory, many reputed companies choose to test their products by a third party lab as an indication of the transparency and trustworthiness of their products. Third party lab certifications provide more credibility for a company; therefore, people will trust their products. It is also useful for the consumers to make sure that the products do not contain any harmful ingredients and provides the desired effects.