Reasons For CBD Contamination

Reasons For CBD Contamination

Hemp CBD
Hemp CBD

CBD is one of the most popular medicinal supplements available in the market. It comes in so many different forms like edibles, creams, dabs, etc. Since it is effective in the treatment of conditions like epilepsy, seizure, anxiety, pain, etc. many people are using CBD products as a part of their regular diet. However, due to increase in demand, many people are trying to sell so many low quality or contaminated CBD products in the market. A CBD product is said to be impure or contaminated in the following circumstances.

High Level Of THC

THC is also a cannabinoid just like CBD present in the cannabis plant. This element is also effective in the treatment of many diseases like migraine and chronic pain. However, THC is not used as a medicine because it can cause many adverse effects on the user. The main problem associated with THC is that it will make the user psychotic. In addition to that, long term usage of products with high level of THC might lead to mental issues. This is the main reason for using hemp plant to make CBD products. Therefore, any CBD product which is having more than 0.30 percent of THC is said to be contaminated.

Usage Of Chemical Fertilizers

The rules and regulations governing the production and usage of CBD have specified not to use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides during the cultivation of hemp plant. This is because the hemp plant will absorb all the chemical substance from the ground and will store them in their flowers and leaves. Therefore, when CBD is extracted from those plants, it will have the traces of those chemicals. Such products are also categorized as contaminated CBD products.

Over Usage Of Other Ingredients

Even though there are some products that will give the privilege to use the pure form of CBD like oils and pills, most of the CBD products are a mixture of so many ingredients. For example CBD tincture is a highly concentrated form of CBD but it uses alcohol as a base and many flavoring substances to enhance its taste. However in some products the proportions of the ingredients are not kept in check and it may nullify the effects of CBD. Such products are also referred to as contaminated CBD products.

The above mentioned are some of the reasons for CBD contamination. We can avoid purchasing these products by making proper analysis on the quality or by choosing the products of renowned manufacturers.

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