Five Celebrities Who Endorse Cannabidiol Oil

Five Celebrities Who Endorse Cannabidiol Oil

CBD Benefits List
CBD Benefits List

Cannabidiol is considered an elixir for many conditions and numerous symptoms. Look at any CBD benefits list, and you will get an idea as to why many consider cannabidiol to be such a thing. If you are still not persuaded enough to try CBD oil, then here are five celebs who enthusiastically endorse this product.

Seth Aaron Rogen

The fact that actor Seth Rogen considers a product derived from cannabis good is not a surprise. However, Rogen’s passion for cannabis extends beyond his stoner comedy movies. In 2012, he started a nonprofit known as ‘Hilarity for Charity’. The organization has spread knowledge on Alzheimer’s disease, gathered millions of dollars for research, plus spoke in favor of CBD oil’s use as part of its treatment.

Olivia Wilde

Actor Olivia Jane Cockburn has opened up about the admiration she has for CBD. She has spoken about this to publications like the New York Times and Vanity Fair. She said that CBD has reduced the chronic muscle pain she felt during a Broadway tour, which lasted six months. As per Wilde, CBD is an effective alternative to painkillers. She also said that cannabidiol is misinterpreted and wrongfully vilified.

Kristen Bell

Few actresses are just as open regarding mental health issues as Kristen Anne Bell. She tends to open up to those who follow her on Instagram regarding her experiences with mental depression and anxiety.

She consumes a dropper filled with cannabidiol oil daily and asserts that it is a big part of the wellness toolbox, alongside exercise and therapy.

Kim Kardashian West

The reality TV personality, Kim Kardashian West is not shy of expressing her love for cannabidiol-infused goods. She is among the most popular advocates of products including CBD oil. She even threw a baby shower with a CBD theme some time back. She has credited cannabidiol for aiding her to manage a busy schedule.

Michael J. Fox

Actor Michael J. Fox is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. After he has been diagnosed with this condition, Fox has had difficulty balancing his professional career and acting with it. This caused a brief semi-retirement period in which he founded the nonprofit, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, and became a proponent to find a cure.

His nonprofit has done many studies concerning the consumption of cannabidiol for Parkinson’s disease and found that CBD has great potential for coping with symptoms. Learn about more celebrities who use CBD here!