Is CBD Pain Relief Better Than Opioid Painkillers?

Is CBD Pain Relief Better Than Opioid Painkillers?

CBD Pain Relief
CBD Pain Relief

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is derived mainly from the hemp plant, and it is popular among users due to its many health benefits like relieving chronic and acute pain, reducing inflammation, etc. There are other potential therapeutic applications for it, and this is the reason it is used as an active ingredient in many health and wellness products. Also, it is used by people who are looking for natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs like painkillers due to its lack of side effects at normal doses. This article aims at understanding whether or not, CBD pain relief is a preferable choice to opioid painkillers.

What Are The Advantages Offered By CBD Pain Relief?

There are several health benefits when you use CBD for pain relief, and they are discussed in detail below.

  • Fights Inflammation:¬†The most sought-after CBD health benefitsis indeed its anti-inflammatory effect. Remember that inflammation is an immune response to injuries, and it is a part of the healing process. CBD can help with reducing the duration of the inflammatory phase and thereby speed up the healing.
  • Relaxed Muscles:¬†Sometimes injuries can make the muscles tight, which increases the pain. Applying CBD balms or cream on the skin can help with relieving muscle soreness due to strain or health issues like fibromyalgia.
  • Promotes Quality Sleep:Severe pain can cause sleep disturbance, and this can adversely affect wound healing. Administering CBD can help with relieving pain as well as improve the quality of sleep; this accelerates healing.

Is There Anecdotal Support For CBD Pain Relief?

Along with research findings, anecdotal evidence from users also supports the pain-relieving effect of CBD. Also, some healthcare experts believe that cannabidiol is a preferable medicament to pharmaceutical painkillers due to the absence of side effects. Furthermore, there is no risk of getting addicted to it despite its long-term usage.

What Does Research Say About CBD Pain Relief?

According to research studies, CBD positively stimulates the TRPV1 or vanilloid receptors; these receptors modulate pain perception. Also, it helps with blocking the pain signals in the central nervous system as well as at the site of injury. However, further research is essential for a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism of CBD pain relief. However, the cannabidiol may adversely affect the functioning of the liver. Also, there is the risk of it interacting with medications with grapefruit warning.

On a final note, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using CBD for pain relief because its effects are not fully understood.