Can You Mix CBD And Alcohol?

Can You Mix CBD And Alcohol?

CBD And Alcohol
CBD And Alcohol

When CBD gained widespread popularity, people started searching for more creative and bioavailable ways of taking it. CBD is an industry where a lot of experimentation is happening and new products in different forms are being launched into the market on a daily basis.

Here, we will explore the possibility of mixing alcohol and CBD.

What Can You Expect By Mixing CBD And Alcohol?

Below shared are some things that you can expect on mixing alcohol and CBD.

May enhance each other’s effects

Alcohol can reduce our inhibitions and promote a state of relaxation, and CBD is also known to produce similar effects in the body. CBD can reduce symptoms of anxiety and calm your nerves.

When you take CBD and alcohol together, the effects of both could be amplified and result in symptoms like sedation and increased sleepiness. There have been some claims that mixing alcohol and CBD intensified each other’s effects and caused changes in mood and behavior.

It is not easy to come up with a conclusion about the effects of mixing CBD and alcohol because there is little research on the same.

CBD May Reduce The Intensity Of Alcohol’s Side Effects

Although there isn’t enough research about the health effects of mixing CBD and alcohol, some research has suggested that CBD may help reduce some of the side effects of alcohol. Here are some of the ways CBD may do so:

  1. May prevent cell damage

Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to cell damage that can raise the risk of inflammation and chronic conditions like liver disease, pancreatitis, and some forms of cancer.

From what is known from several clinical studies, CBD may offer protection from the cell damage induced by excessive alcohol consumption.

  1. May reduce the levels of alcohol in the blood

Body Alcohol Concentration (BAC) represents the amount of alcohol in your blood. A higher body alcohol concentration is associated with a greater loss of cognitive function and motor control of the person.

In a study conducted on 10 people, the participants were given 200 mg of CBD with alcohol. The blood alcohol levels of the participants of the study were low when they took alcohol with CBD than when they consumed alcohol with a placebo.

However, this study is a very old one and its results alone cannot be used to state that CBD reduces blood alcohol levels.

CBD is being used to control substance addiction and it may also be useful in controlling alcohol abuse disorder as it can reduce the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.