Dabbing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Dabbing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Dabbing Mistakes
Dabbing Mistakes

Dabbing is a highly bioavailable CBD intake method that promises quick effects to the users. The process requires special dabbing equipment that heats the CBD dab and vaporizes it. Although it is fast-acting, dabbing is not simple as many CBD intake processes.

In this article, we discuss the common mistakes that you could make when dabbing cannabis concentrates.

Overheating The Nail

The dab concentrate is heated by placing it over the nail of the dabbing equipment. Concentrates have to be heated to high temperatures to vaporize but do not overheat them. The ideal temperature for vaping concentrates is between 160 and 230. If overheated, the concentrate will lose its potency and flavor.

Holding The Nail By Hand

This mistake is something that only the newbie dabbers make. Dabbing requires high temperatures and the nail of the dab rigs will be very hot. Do not make the mistake of touching it as it will burn the skin of your hand.

Adding Too Much Concentrate To The Nail

The nail of the dab rig has to be set to the right temperature for a smooth dabbing experience. When you add an excessive amount of concentrate to the nail, the nail’s temperature will drop and the concentrates will not be vaporized properly.

When dropping cold concentrate over the nail, heat will flow from the nail to the concentrate. Excessive concentrate that builds upon the nail could catch fire or damage your dab rig.

Taking Higher Doses

This mistake is often made by people who have been smoking cannabis flowers. In the memory of the dosages they took when smoking, they add a lot of concentrate to the dab rig nail. Dabs are much stronger than cannabis flowers and higher doses could put you to an overwhelming high.

When standard cannabis flowers contain 15-30% THC, cannabis concentrates may have THC percentages of more than 60%.

Holding The Rig In The Wrong Position

If you do not hold the dab rig firmly in the right position when dabbing, you could drop the dab rig and break it. When dabbing, hold one hand around the base and feed the concentrate to the nail with the other hand. Press your mouth gently against the mouthpiece to inhale the vapors generated.

Dabbing might seem to be a complex task at first but once you get the correct idea of dabbing, you will love it.