How To Increase The Absorption Of CBD?

How To Increase The Absorption Of CBD?

CBD Absorption
CBD Absorption

The health benefits you get from CBD can be greatly dependant on the amount of CBD reaching your bloodstream. It is important for you to know that only a small portion of CBD that you are consuming is reaching your bloodstream. Most of the CBD is lost before it reaches the bloodstream. Hence, the effectiveness of CBD will also decrease based on this. So it is important to increase the CBD absorption for getting the maximum benefits from this compound.

The amount of CBD reaching your bloodstream is known as CBD bioavailability. Different methods used for consuming this compound also vary greatly in terms of their bioavailability too. For oral consumption the bioavailability is between 10-20%, this method provides the lowest bioavailability among all the methods that are used for taking CBD. Sublingual consumption of CBD can give you a bioavailability between 13-35%.

Vaping, which is the most efficient method used for taking CBD can provide you a bioavailability of almost 56%, whereas smoking can deliver almost 31% of the total CBD into your bloodstream. Therefore, most of the CBD you take will be lost and this loss can vary based on the method you choose to consume this compound.

How To Increase The CBD Absorption?

When taking CBD, your aim is to increase the absorption of CBD for getting the maximum benefits from this hemp-derived compound. Hence, we provide you some important tips for increasing the absorption of CBD into your bloodstream.

When consuming CBD sublingually, the capillaries in your mouth will directly absorb the CBD into your bloodstream. It includes holding a few drops of sublingual drops under your tongue for a few seconds before swallowing it. Therefore, the more time you hold it in your mouth, the more will be absorption. Hence, try to hold the CBD sublingual drops as long as possible in your mouth for facilitating maximum absorption of this compound.

When taking CBD orally, it is found that the absorption is the maximum when it is taken on a full stomach. Taking CBD with food can increase the absorption four times than taking it alone or on an empty stomach.

It is also found that the presence of fat can also increase the absorption greatly. Therefore, take CBD with some high fatty foods for increasing the CBD absorption by your body.

The amount of CBD absorbed by your body will have a great impact on the effects you get from this compound. The tips mentioned above will help you to increase the CBD absorption thereby providing more health benefits from this compound.