Can Cannabidiol Help Reduce Steroids Consumption Or Replace It?

Can Cannabidiol Help Reduce Steroids Consumption Or Replace It?

Consuming Cannabidiol
Consuming Cannabidiol

Doctors prescribe steroids for allergies, sudden spells of inflammation, or even as they are just confused about which medicine to recommend to patients. The instant effects of steroids may appear elixir-like, but know that long-term consumption of these drugs has numerous side effects. This is where CBD medical products enter the picture as a new steroid-sparing therapy option for the foreseeable future. Could it be an effective option in this regard? We will look at clinical research to help answer that, but let us first discuss some details about steroids with a real-life example to boot.

Steroid Withdrawal

London tattooist Eve Roginska was prescribed high intravenous steroid dosages for an inflammatory condition affecting her brain. After consuming the steroids for 24 months, Eve found it tough to stop taking these drugs. Eve could reduce their dosage over time, but when she attempted to go below 20 milligrams per day, it resulted in drug-like symptoms of withdrawal.

Thankfully, she was aware of cannabidiol oil, and she successfully reduced the aforesaid symptoms with it.

“Three days after starting with CBD, my migraines just went away. After a week or two taking it, I felt like a normal person,” the tattoo artist said.

For people like Eve, cannabidiol is a product that helps to reduce the dose of steroids consumed. The term used to describe that kind of a product is ‘steroid-sparing’. Eve had to try many supposedly ‘steroid-sparing’ products before she found the more effective option in the form of cannabidiol.

Scientists are aware that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the making of signaling molecules called ‘pro-inflammatory cytokines’ and that inhibits T lymphocyte function. This is perhaps why several individuals having inflammatory conditions report that their symptoms have improved by consuming cannabidiol.

Clinical Tests For Cannabidiol

Steroid-sparing medication is often made to stop transplant rejection, and cannabidiol is shown to play a role in this process. In a phase 2 test, Israeli researchers wished to know whether cannabidiol could stop GVHD in individuals resistant to steroids. Graft-versus-host disease is a serious health condition that develops as a side effect of bone marrow transplant (BMT). After BMT, the immune cells of the one who received these cells attack his or her tissues.

Almost everyone who underwent the trial reacted positively to cannabidiol therapy. The study team said that cannabidiol “either enhanced the therapeutic effect of steroids or reduced steroid dosage while maintaining or improving the steroid’s therapeutic effect. Even more surprisingly, patients resistant to steroid treatment also presented significant improvement under the CBD treatment.”