Does CBD Help Reduce Acne?

Does CBD Help Reduce Acne?

Does CBD Help
Does CBD Help

Cannabidiol is a compound found in Cannabis sativa with several potential benefits to health. It comes in various forms, from CBD oil to gummies to even pet treats. Many people ask this question: does CBD help to reduce the symptoms of acne?

The skin condition can cause irritation for many, and new ways to tackle it are there. There is evidence that suggests that cannabidiol in oil form can be useful for skin conditions such as acne. Some individuals apply cannabidiol topically to acne breakouts, whereas others consume CBD orally with long-term acne prevention in mind.

The results may vary in every single case of acne, based on your type of acne and the thing that causes it. The oil can adjust the way in which your body makes sebum, and thereby, it may help lessen a variety of acne conditions. The skin creates sebum, an oily and waxy substance.

Acne is a more common skin disorder in human beings than all other such conditions. Almost everyone deals with the condition at some stage in life, be it daily or sometimes. Sebum helps to protect the skin from things like bacteria. However, sebum can combine with pollutants such as dirt, plus dead cells that constitute the skin, and be trapped in a pore. After that, the clogged pore becomes acne.

Several things impact acne, including too much sebum production, genetics, and hormonal imbalances. Other factors, like some drugs, stress and diet may make your symptoms more severe.

A study conducted in 2014 looked into how CBD affects cells which make sebum, known as sebocytes. Researchers discovered that CBD kept the cells from making excessive oily sebum. Researchers also disclosed that CBD oil caused an anti-inflammatory response in these cells and stopped inflammatory forms of cytokine from triggering. Cytokines may cause the skin condition, so reducing these secreted proteins may help stop further breakouts.

In 2016, a review of cannabis highlighted the antifungal and antibacterial properties of the plant. These properties may help lessen infections that come out of pollutants like dirt on your skin.

The first results from both studies were promising, but human tests are lacking even today. For medical professionals to recommend cannabis-based or hemp-based items as part of a routine of anti-acne skincare, studies in human beings will have to give direct evidence.

Further research in people may help give the claim that CBD oil has the potential to treat the skin condition some solid backing. Right now, anybody who is keen on using it has to talk to their skincare specialist. Learn more about CBD topicals here.